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We are a legally registered tour operator in Burundi. When you book your tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will be in good hands.

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All our trips are meticulously planned and managed by our local travel experts. From your tour guide to your accommodations, everything is carefully arranged to provide you the best experience on your tour of Burundi.

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We provide you with the lowest price for your tour with all discounts and promotional fares (if applicable) passed on to you. Our tour prices do not have any hidden charges, making it very transparent.

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Gisabo Tours is a tour operating company with focus on Culture.

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To ensure tourism always benefits both local people by challenging their practice and foreigners through hospitality taste for the betterment of tourism, Gisabo Tours seeks to add a value to your travel experience. We tend to focus on customers’ demand to come up with effective strategies for meeting their needs in efficient manner. Our mission is to offer you travel solutions with a different range of efficient, flexible, and quality tourism services. The company offers different packages and assistance in the visa acquisition in the countries where Burundi embassy or consulate isn’t yet implemented.

Our Vision

Tourism is such a fair and a positive experience for both travelers and places they visit. Gisabo Tours Company seeks to improve the range of tourism services in Burundi and in the region by offering traveling opportunity to both locals and foreigners for hospitality, discovery and relaxation experiences by enhancing the touring services affordable and accessible. We manage a set of travel needs and create an unparalleled and memorable experience that our customers could rely on. We aim to maintain our vision through a consistent leadership, and excellent commitment to meeting clients’ satisfaction.




Gisabo Tours you are the best Tour Company in Burundi. Certified, Cheers to more trips with your staff.



Kwa Miganda.
Eco Cultural Heritage Centre. This is where I felt my ancestors’ spirit honestly! Can’t explain the joy I felt when visiting this place.
What you don’t see in the video is how they do offer lunch with traditional Burundian food (Intete, ibijumbu, Ibiharage, Amateke etc.)and traditional Burundian wine “HIGHLIGHT” It is located in Mwaro. We had booked our tour with Gisabo Tours so transportation was included and arranged (highly recommend this tout company if you love to have an organized tour)


Gisabo Tours I really enjoyed traveling with you. You made us feel safe and relaxed at the same time as we experienced so many amazing adventures. My favorite was dancing and talking with the pygmies, and then the drums. I loved visiting in the footsteps of Livingstone. Next time I would prioritize to visit the source of Nile as I have now visited the Nile in all of the countries where both the white and the Blue Nile run.

Ketsy Jemima NAHIMANA


S/o to Gisabo Tours for giving us such an unforgettable experience. Follow their page so you don’t miss the next group tour.



Un type vraiment génial ! Bravo Audace pour tout ce que tu fais, et que Dieu puisse t’accompagner dans tout ce que tu entreprends. Ivyiza biri imbere mon frère, comme on dit chez nous.


We have here at GISABO one the most skilled and professional guides one can find in whole East Africa. You just have to enjoy your vacations.

Audace Ndabahawe

Chief Executive Officer

Rivardo Niyonizigiye


Florence Irakoze


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