Our vision

Tourism is such a fair and a positive experience for both travelers and places they visit. Gisabo Tours Company seeks to improve the range of tourism services in Burundi and in the region by offering traveling opportunity to both locals and foreigners for hospitality, relaxation, discovery experiences by enhancing the touring services affordable and accessible. We manage a set of travel needs and create an unparalleled and memorable experience that our customers could rely on. We aim to maintain our vision through a consistent leadership, and excellent commitment to meeting clients’ satisfaction.

Our mission

To ensure tourism always benefits both local people by challenging their practice and foreigners through hospitality taste for the betterment of tourism, Gisabo Tours seeks to add a value to your travel experience. We tend to focus on customers’ demand to come up with effective strategies for meeting their needs in efficient manner. Our mission is to offer you travel solutions with a different range of efficient, flexible, and quality tourism services. The company offers different packages and assistance in the visa acquisition in the countries where Burundi embassy or consulate isn’t yet implemented.

Who we are

Gisabo tours a travel and tourism company resgsitered in Burundi.


We have here at GISABO the most skilled and professional guides can find in whole East Africa. You just have to enjoy your vacations.



Our coordinates

Please feel free to contact us through these channels

(+257) 79 744 610   -   (+257) 79 095 017
sales@gisabotours.com   -   team@gisabotours.com
25, Boulevard du 28 Novembre, Bujumbura, Burundi

Gisabo is commited to bringing to our customers the best experience they can have when they're touring Burundi.