Gisabo Tours is a pioneer in domestic tourism development in Burundi. Our mission is to add value to clients’ travel experience by designing travel adapted solutions with a different range of efficient, flexible, and quality tourism services. Your donation will enable people from across the globe to enjoy hospitality, discovery and relaxation in the most breathtaking attractions but most importantly tourism sector development in Burundi.

As a private company and still a startup founded by young Burundians, Gisabo Tours relies on its own finances which is proven to be one of the hindrances to fully operate our mission so that mainly locals may access our services for the sustainability of the sector.

As Covid 19 continues to affect our activities in a way or another, your support is vitally important. Donations provide immediate funds to enable us to make the services cheaper and accessible and to welcome visitors back through our doors as much as possible.

Every donation makes a real difference. If you're able, please support Gisabo Tours cause today. Thank you.

Donation details

Call us on : (+257) 79 744 610  OR   79 095 017
Contact email :
Physical adress : 25, Boulevard du 28 Novembre, Bujumbura, Burundi

Gisabo is commited to bringing to our customers the best experience they can have when they're touring Burundi.