Cultural Sites

Culture in Burundi is also varied for such a small nation and the influences from colonial settlers as well as the aboriginal cultures are worth learning about in order to understand this small but fascinating country. One of the most celebrated ...cultures is the playing of historical drums with spectacular performances linked to. Culture offers a number of aspects that mirror Burundian cultural image. This is portrayed through a variety of traditional dances many of them attributed to regions: Umuyebe in Imbo, Agasimbo in Buragane, Ingoma mu Kirimiro, intore mu Bugesera, etc. Drums play a significant role in Burundian culture and history and reflect how imposing Burundian culture is worldwide. It is a source of inspiration and pride for all Burundians and Visitors. Handcrafts and other cultural products are the embodiment of Cultural dimensions. The culture of the Burundian is well reflected in the various monuments as well spread out through the different parts of the country. The Burundi Museums give tourists an opportunity to learn about the past culture and interesting traditions of Burundi. Enjoy the creativity of the craftsmen in ancient crafts for example painting, basketry, sculpture as well as pottery and carry on and tell a story on Burundian practices and culture which has been passed on from generations to generations. Crafts are an essential kind of art and are offered as gifts to many tourists. Artists in Burundi usually engage in basket weaving, although Masks, pottery, shields and statues are as well made.

Fauna and Flora sites

Burundi may be small in size, but is stunning to behold with its gorgeous scenery, ranging from soaring mountains to small lakeside communities, the capital city of Bujumbura on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and some of the best inland ...beaches in Africa. Burundi accommodates a number of lakes scattered in different corners of the country. They are the destination of the migratory birds. Lake Tanganyika borders Burundi and Tanzania and makes one of the most beautiful Burundi tour destinations with vibrant fishing villages, beautiful quite charming sandy beaches that extend along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The attractive white sand endowed with shady trees and the gentle water waves make the beach an ideal place. They are excellent birding destination for birding fanatics. Some of the sighted birds include herons, kingfisher, malachite eagles, bee eaters, fish eagles, cormorants and many others. A possible boat tour in Rusizi river can let you explore closer the hippo, numerous birds and also the joining point where Rusizi River pours into Lake Tanganyika; The spectacular landscapes coupled with the different tourist sites have made Burundi a highly sought after destination for tourist. National parks (Rusizi, Kibira, Ruvubu, Kirwena), national reserve of Bururi accommodate a variety of flora and fauna species that attract your attention and nurture your adventurous desire to discover those beauties. They are a safe haven for various animals like crocodiles, hippos, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, lions and antelopes plus a wealth of bird species and flowers. Exotic waterfalls and springs water spread across the country where they are believed to be the sources of medication. Some wonderful and breathtaking scenes around them house varieties of species of birds and mammals identified in the forestland in the surrounding.

Historical sites

Burundi accommodates historical sites that communicate Burundi historical journey across history. This is through pre-colonial to post colonial periods. It grants an opportunity to discover the bravery and courage of Burundians and their... leadership exercise in the region. Monuments have been erected in the memory of successful and failed historical journeys recorded. Also located in the Burundian legendary hills is the amazing secrets of the ancient kingdoms; Kiganda, the Royal Palace. Touring these sites is an incredible chance and experience for one to enjoy the Burundian history and cultural heritage from its roots. Another Memorial, a huge rock in the Suburbs of Bujumbura commemorating the meeting between explorers Stanley and Livingstone is at your disposal. Historical sites are spread in different parts of the country.


Hiking in the beautiful mountains of Burundi; a pleasurable moment and view of the countryside, the mountains of DRC; the neighboring country at the other side of the Tanganyika Lake and both tea and coffee plantations.

Community Works

Community tours offers an opportunity to discover and experience with the local community via a range of community activities such as pottery, basket weaving and mat making, etc.

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